The band was formed in april 2004 by Alexey (bass) and Mikhail (drums); the same year in august Andrey, a very charismatic person, joins the gang as the vocalist. At first the music has a great influence of Gothenburg death metal (At The Gates, The Haunted) which marks the bonus track called ‘Sabotage’ from the debut album. Later In december Conflict gives their first gig ever, warm-welcomed by the audience it gets some reviews in local press

In spring of 2005 the line-up is fully formed with the coming of Ivan (bass) and the music turns to the wave of industrial death metal. At the end of the year the demo-record ‘The New Beginning’ is released with 3 tracks: ‘The new beginning’, 2029, ‘Spybot’. 

Due to his job needs Andrey leaves the band in summer of 2006. So the endless search of a new voice get started...The problem to find a new voice for the band solves itself when Ivan decides to put aside his bass-guitar and become a lead singer. In september, Dmitry (bass), the great person and musician, becomes a member of Conflict; with his coming the material is being actively prepared for the first album. 

In March 2008 Conflict starts recording of the debut album in the “DAI Records” studio. During the recording process Natalya (keyboards) joins the band; her great contribution to the electronic part and to the mood of compositions can not be unnoticed. 

As the result, “Prototype” is born at the end of september 2008. Cold, intense and solid sound, threading the futuristic atmosphere, and also musical style identity on Russian scene, determined uniqueness and marked difference of the recording. 

In december the band signs the contract for the album release with ‘Irond’, the one of the major Russian labels. In February 2009 ‘Prototype’ is on sale with the immediate distribution through the net. The debut record gets very positive reaction from audience in Russia and abroad as well. 

In 2010 Conflict takes part in several compilations, including the one of the international Dutch magazine "Industrialized Metal", covering different brunches of industrial music. Year 2010 becomes a turning point for the Conflict family: Ivan and Alexey leave the band but soon Rodion (guitar) and Anna (vox) take their places.

In process...